NMA: Nonprescription Medicines Academy

NASPA/NMA Student Pharmacist Self Care Championship

The National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA) and the Nonprescription Medicines Academy (NMA) have partnered to launch the NASPA/NMA Student Pharmacist Self Care Championship. The event, which is endowed by P&G, promotes active learning of self care topics to the participants as well as the audience.

  • Championships are conducted annually by each state pharmacy association at their annual or mid-year convention, and features teams from the state’s colleges, universities and schools of pharmacy. These teams compete head-to-head in an event similar to a quiz bowl, as they answer questions developed by the NMA, which are focused on self care.
  • Pharmacists and other attendees in the audience have the opportunity to obtain Continuing Education (CE) from attendance at the event. The Pharmacy Association is responsible for getting the program accredited for CE.
    • CE Objectives:
    • Identify and explain aspects of the effective and safe practice of pharmacy self care treatments
    • Analyze the usage and effectiveness of over the counter medications
    • Classify different groups of over the counter medications based on drug treatment class

To Get Started in Your State

  • Contact your State Pharmacy Association to identify the state meeting with the greatest student attendance:
  • Contact the Executive Resident at NASPA to get the current year’s content information (slides, rules, etc.)
  • Let NASPA know the date of the program so a traveling award plaque can be ordered
  • Reach out to the area schools in your state for nonprescription or self care pharmacy faculty who can serve as a panel of experts/judges


  • Two small dry-erase boards and markers
  • Three PDF files:
    • Opening round
    • Second round
    • Final round
  • Three Word files:
    • Host talking points
    • Rules of the game
    • Answers and explanations
  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • Microphones (if available)


  • Two teams – up to five people per team
  • Minimum of two people to run the game show:
    • One can be host/judge/scorekeeper
    • Second can be an announcer/timer/IT
    • Ideal number is five

Traveling Plaque

  • A traveling plaque is provided for each state. Please give a two month notice for ordering your plaque
  • Every year, each winner will be added to the plaque, which will be housed at the winning school for one year

Results of Previous Years

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