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NIH Launches Free Database of Drugs Associated With Liver Injury

December 14th, 2012

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has launched LiverTox, a free source of evidence-based information for health care professionals and for researchers studying liver injury associated with prescription and nonprescription drugs, herbals, and dietary supplements.

LiverTox currently has a searchable database of approximately 700 prescription and nonprescription medications available in the United States. Another 300 drugs will be added over the next few years. The database offers the following features:

  • An overview of drug-induced liver injury, including diagnostic criteria, the role of liver biopsy, descriptions of different clinical patterns, and standard definitions.
  • A detailed report of each drug, including background, case study, product package insert, chemical makeup and structure, dose recommendations, and references with links.
  • An interactive section, allowing users to report cases of drug-induced liver injury to the LiverTox website. Reports will be forwarded automatically to the FDA MedWatch program.
  • The developers of LiverTox worked with experts in drug-induced liver disease as well as specialists in arthritis, cancer, diabetes, infectious diseases, and other conditions. The content of each section of the database has been reviewed by an outside expert; the finished website also has been reviewed by FDA and pharmaceutical industry experts on liver-related complications.

    LiverTox is available at www.livertox.nih.gov.