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Consumer Healthcare Products Association Survey Explores Trust in Nonprescription Medications

April 17th, 2013

Nearly 75% of primary care physicians recommend nonprescription medications to relieve symptoms before recommending a prescription treatment, according to a new survey conducted by Nielsen and IMS on behalf of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA). The survey also revealed that 68% of consumers prefer to use nonprescription medications instead of a prescription treatment when a nonprescription option is available.

“Understanding Trust in OTC Medicines: Consumer and Healthcare Provider Perspectives” was conducted between August 20 and September 10, 2012. Participants for the consumer survey (n=1,194) came from households that recorded recent purchases of nonprescription products on Nielsen’s Homescan Panel. Health care provider respondents included 125 primary care physicians, 126 nurse practitioners, 129 pediatricians, and 126 pharmacists.

Among other survey highlights are the following:

  • For a range of illnesses, 8 in 10 consumers use nonprescription medications to relieve their symptoms without having to see a health care professional.
  • Most consumers (84%) say they trust their health care provider’s advice on what nonprescription medication they should take or give to others.

The complete report can be accessed at http://www.chpa-info.org/03_06_13_OTCTrustSurvey.aspx.